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Cureus, Combined Laparoscopic Open Surgical Approach for De Garengeot's Hernia Containing an Inflamed Appendix: A Case Report

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De Garengeot hernia represents a rare variant of femoral hernia in which the appendix is a part of the hernial contents. It was first described in 1731 by a French surgeon, René de Garengeot. In 1785, Hevin was the first to perform an appendectomy to address acute appendicitis within the context of a femoral hernia. The development of acute appendicitis in the femoral hernia sac becomes a surgical emergency of the acute abdomen.

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Appendix-preserving elective herniorrhaphy for de Garengeot hernia

Diagnosis of Inguinal Region Hernias with Axial CT: The Lateral

Common postoperative findings unique to laparoscopic surgery.

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De Garengeot hernia: a systematic review

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