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Compressport Under Control Arm Sleeves - MyTriathlon

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MyTriathlon carries a wide range of Compressport products including the Under Control Arm Sleeves. Shop our selection all year round with worldwide shipping!
Compressport - Unisex Under Control Arm Sleeves - 2020     Second-skin compression arm sleeves for enhanced performance during intense training and racing These Arm Sleeves are new to the Compressport range for 2020, taking their place as a pioneering element of the company's Oxygen range. After the huge success of the company's R2 Oxygen calf sleeves designed for the triathlon world championships in Hawaii, the technology behind them has been extended across a select few products aimed at high-performance racers in the toughest and hottest conditions. Woven on the same medically-proven machines as the Oxygen calf sleeve, these full-length compression armsleeves for endurance sport also use the same featherweight material. Swiss-quality elastic ensures consistent compression for enhanced blood flow and muscle support, which reduces inflammation helps your arms stay fresh under fatigue. The ultra-stretchy sleeves are easy to pull on, and lie weightlessly against your skin for exceptional comfort. Versatile, they can be worn as an extra layer when temperatures drop slightly, yet also in extremely hot conditions without risk of overheating thanks to their 360° ventilation.     KEY BENEFITS Targeted muscle support: Thanks to high-performance, medically-controlled compression on your biceps and forearms, which helps improve your performance and delay fatigue Maximum thermoregulation: Courtesy of mesh ventilation panels woven directly into the fabric, helping keep your arms cool through fast sweat-evacuation Optimal comfort and ergonomics: Comes from a seamless microfibre weave, which results in exceptional freedom of movement and a second-skin feel     TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES   Aero knitting: Optimal balance between internal and external heating and effective perspiration evacuation Bio-ceramic fabric treatment: This mirror effect activates micro-circulation on your skin's surface (+92%) and leads to secondary benefits such as 50% better thermoregulation, increased performance and strength enhancement, and higher speed - all for the same or lower oxygen consumptionCompression oxygen: A millimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas feeds oxygen to your muscles and so enhances your performance and facilitates recovery. Your muscles are supported to give you a feeling of strength and a better performance over longer distances. Ultra-extensible, the fibre is also more breathable for maximum comfort.Ventilation Stripes: The innovative technology of these stripes directly integrated into the compression provides optimal ventilation, and helps dispel heat and perspiration.Morpho-Fit: These 100% seamless Pro Racing Armsleeves are knitted to fit every curve of your arms perfectly, maximising their efficiency and comfort and resulting in no chafing.Shock absorbing: The 360-degree compression dampens the 'shockwave' effect on your muscles, veins and joints.Grip 3D Dots: The dots absorb perspiration but don't hold water, so allowing the air to flow between them for ultra-fast drying.   The Brand: Compressport believes there is no room for frills. Everything its designers produce has efficiency and performance in mind. They design, trial and modify their products working closely with professional athletes in more than 70 countries. This ensures they meet the requirements of those who compete in intense endurance sports, and can face up against the toughest conditions possible.  Call us at MyTriathlon, the compression wear specialists, today on 0207 183 4116, or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.

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