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meditation supplies & essentials – b, halfmoon CA

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Mindfully handcrafted cushions, zabutons, bolsters, and accessories with eco-concious materials. Perfect for enhancing your meditation and mindfulness practice.

b, halfmoon Haven Well Within

Sol Living Rectangular Yoga Bolster Meditation Cushion - Cotton

A beautiful and functional take on a modern meditation cushion., The optimal tool for relieving strain and stress during long seated practices, our

linen mod meditation cushion

Halfmoon Crescent Meditation Cushion, Premium Cotton Zafu Yoga Pillow/Bolster with Buckwheat Fill (Charcoal), Blocks - Canada

The Calm Meditation Cushion - Royal Suede

Halfmoon Zabuton Meditation Mat, Yoga Cushion for Kneeling and

B Halfmoon B, Mat Strong Yoga Mat 6mm

Meditation – Pot & Pantry

B Halfmoon B, Mat Impact Yoga Mat

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